Aviation, Transport & Logistics:

Our Aviation, Transport & Logistics work assists clients in turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and honing of the client’s competitive edge. Our staff, whose advanced qualifications in areas such as supply chain management and logistics, adds to our already strong base in tactics, operations, and business development.

The 21st century has seen radical change in travel and tourism sectors, with new technologies, new speeds of travel, greater consumer awareness, and new government policy. We seek to cooperate with clients’ needs in two prime areas:

Air transportation

Air travellers have come to expect a different product with the rise of budget airlines and online distribution. Older airlines must keep expenses low while at the same time ensuring quality service, growing their networks, and making ticket prices more transparent to flyers. Yet operations may still be streamlined in order to seize value in areas that had previously been overlooked.

Aviation alliances and other networks are on the rise, and thus adjustments need to be made to the variety and size of fleets. Ingen is well versed in these developments, whether they arise in freight or passenger industries. We believe our approach to demographic analysis and pricing, as well as our ability to employ the latest logistics modelling, is unique in the field. Moreover, we employ specialization in lean process implementation and strategic alignment to the benefit of air transport.

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