Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas


Developments in the global oil and gas industries mean new questions must be asked about how firms can improve their leadership while enhancing high-level partner effectiveness, look closely at the workforce needs while improving technological capabilities, strengthening local company talent, overseeing large projects, and organizing for safety and growth.

Transformative programs are only short-term solutions to the above questions. Our team, working from a foundation based in client knowledge and our own in-house research, focuses on helping organizations improve their viability as a means to create long-term composure. This means a focus on capabilities, enshrining efficient process management, and keeping a close watch on a firms’ pursuit of opportunities.

What we do

We have worked with firms in all different levels of organizational analytics and design, from performance transformation to merger oversight and employee skill analysis. While providing advice and support on strategy implementation, we work to ensure long-term prosperity via a commitment to building functional capacity throughout the company.

How we work

We offer clients the sharpest intelligence in the field alongside unique perspectives on key issues such as the benefits of joint ventures and other forms of partnership, non-operator governing, and exploring the benefits of integration against the benefits of disaggregation.

We offer analysis on specific industry trends such as the industry-wide need to develop skilled technicians via workforce administration, meeting regional content minimums, developing local skillsets, overseeing mega projects, and polishing the governance of outsourced activities.

We also provide unmatched expertise in taking on architectural challenges like organizing for effective leadership, creating positive change in mindsets and attitudes, streamlining organizational design, effectively managing the corporate core’s role in operations, developing feedback opportunities for performance management, and overseeing important moments in merger and divestiture history.


To succeed in the shaky world of oil and gas, strategy must be developed on an ongoing basis. An incessant stream of information from experts, markets, and people on the front line must inform the creation of integrated viewpoints on industry developments. The data must then be dug through for the key signifiers that can then be used as a basis for intelligent action.

What we do

Our experience in undertaking projects in every key region and sector gives us essential knowledge to better help companies with variable strategic issues.

Through our service clients will have access to tens of thousands of hours combined experience in oil and gas related fields, a network of experts and advisors spanning the globe, and cross-sector insight from our advisers in strategy and risk management.

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