Private Equity & Principal Investors

Private Equity & Principal Investors

Family Business

We bring a delicate comprehension of the issues faced by family businesses via our experience in industry and our functional professionalism.

Family governance

We assist clients in the creation of systems of oversight to foster intentionality and unity in the workplace while aiding in the transfer of responsibility between generations and overcoming potential conflicts about finances, values, and principles.


We balance shareholding power to more effectively achieve an empowering relationship between voting power, influence, and liquidity, while working to delineate the potential in new capital markets.

Business portfolio and governance

We assist in the design of governing architecture and situate owners, relationships, and management to defend and expand the business. We design company and finance portfolios to enable progress as per the wishes of controlling shareholders in order to ensure sustainable corporate success.

Wealth management

We work with families to manage their assets beyond the scope of their enterprise’s core businesses (such as legacy and private equity assets) to maintain wealth, risk diversification, and necessary levels of liquidity.


We assist in philanthropic pursuits, working to align philanthropy with family purpose and values so that assets are administered according to the highest standards of philanthropic giving.

Investment Support

We work to create investment opportunities
We help our client create and analyse opportunities for investment:

Our organization’s time-tested, results-oriented practice, worldwide reach, industry contacts, and firsthand research puts us in a unique position to get to the heart of the matter in record time. Clients therefore gain a straightforward view of overarching trends and concomitant implications in key markets, informing important decisions regarding firms’ investments strategies and higher-level decisions.

We have aided our clients in investment idea generation in several regions:

We assist investors in the due diligence period of a deal by looking at a variety of concerns of the target, including: contemporary scenarios, competencies, and posturing; the target’s marketplace and marketplace competition; and its potential for improvement. Our teams focus on real-world operational and marketplace success indicators, conduct relations with suppliers and customers, and conduct surveys of business models and projections. We draw on our deep connective experience and knowledge base, enabling us to anticipate future opportunities for improvement with greater accuracy.

Our due diligence assistance is often tailored to fit the client’s desires and investment theories. Configurations include:

We help our principal investor and private equity clients to define their investment and business strategy, in multifaceted areas such as limited partner relationships and fundraising efforts. We look for the highest-performing organizational hierarchy at every level while simultaneously serving as a functional capability analytics team to generate value for portfolio firms. We also offer advice on numerous operations aspects such as risk management and investment support.

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